Complete Animal Proofing Services

Protect Against Future Animal Infestations With Our Help

At Critter Removal Service Evans Maintenance, we know that wild animals will take just about every measure they can if they want access to your home. This includes gaining access to your attic and building their nests in vents and chimneys. Along with their nests, of course, comes their droppings. They can not only cause costly damage while they turn your attic into their litter box, but their presence can also potentially clog the vents in your home and prevent the free flow of air.

With our 30 years of experience and our animal proofing services, we know how to best prevent future animal infestations in your home. By installing the proper screen caps over chimneys and vents on your dryer, stove, and furnace, you can actively prevent small and medium-sized animals from coming into your home. With our efficient and affordable methods, we can safeguard your home from any unwanted pests and save you frustration and money in the long term. Our ultimate goal is to help you protect your home from the pesky, and sometimes aggressive, wildlife that could invade it.

We Keep Animals Out of These Common Access Points

Attic fans

Gable vents

Dryer vents

Exhaust vents


Bathroom venting